About Whalor

Who we are

We are an online store that is primarily focused on selling consumer products at cheaper prices than what they normally retail for. Whalor is a subsidiary of Promta Technologies

Our vision

All we want is for Whalor to become a very reliable online store that supplies quality products. We want the store to be able to deliver on the furthest corners of our country. Our greatest achievement would be to convince rural settlers about the advantages of online shopping and have them shop at Whalor. We want to be able to deliver cheaper prices in all markets.

Our Pillars

These are the pillars that make Whalor. These pillars are embodied by all our employees and crucial partners

Customer Experience
Desire to serve

Contact us

We desire to give you the best experience as possible. If you would like to be in contact with any of us then please leave us a message below

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